What Kind of Home Speaks to You? Take Our Quiz to Find Out!

What Kind of Home Speaks to You? Take Our Quiz to Find Out!

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Manor. Penthouse. Chalet. Villa. No matter the style, these words bring a sense of architectural grandeur to a home. With extensive grounds and extensive views, the best of all worlds is readily available at the luxury end of the housing spectrum.

Whether or not you already reside in the home of your dreams, take a flight of fancy with this quiz designed to home in on your ideal residence. Are you meant to curl up in a snowy chalet or bask in the sun on the porch of a refined farmhouse? Is a regal château in your future? Find out below.

What Kind of Home Speaks to You? Take Our Quiz to Find Out!

A home is a story in three dimensions. Its setting speaks volumes about your personal tastes, how you present yourself to the world, and what you find beautiful or evocative. Within its walls, a home sets the stage for your day-do-day life, work, and leisure activities. No best seller is without a defined style; the architecture of your home is as important as where it’s located or what’s inside. All the details come together to form a compelling narrative.


In this quiz, we take a look beyond interior décor to uncover the trending structures that are worth writing home about. From condos to farmhouses, which luxury dwelling suits your story best? Click through to find out.


There’s a reason the nobility were once referred to as the landed gentry: they had plenty of land. The acreage of their châteaus symbolized their wealth and power, and today these regal homes still tend to sit on very large properties. While the term château originates in France, meaning “castle”, these personal palaces are also known as manor houses or estates elsewhere in the world, and some simply call them mansions. Whether pastoral or metropolitan, the classic château is perfect for someone who wants an impressive, iconic home that still offers personal privacy and space to roam.


If your vision of paradise involves sun-soaked patios overlooking a shimmering blue pool and beautifully landscaped terrace, then you belong in a villa. This style came to prominence among the cultural elite of Tuscany, Venice, and Rome during the Italian Renaissance, and many villas still honor these historic roots with Tuscan or Mediterranean-style architecture. However, what often distinguishes these resort-like homes are their rectangular structures, with roof decks, balconies, and verandas that maximize outdoor surface area. Because of this, villas are beloved by modernists and minimalists, who have since adapted them to simpler, more streamlined designs.


You’re a free spirit who loves to feel the wind on your face and the earth beneath your feet; and when you have boundless space to explore, you’re at your best. Find your ideal home on the range in a farmhouse or ranch. These spacious country homes are located on vast tracts of land well away from the hectic pace of city life. Which is all well and good: if you want to visit the city, you’ll go when it works for you—and you’ll always have a rural refuge waiting when you return. Farmhouses also have the benefit of varying in style: some are modern and industrial, others are rustic and welcoming. They’re versatile and multifaceted, just like you.


When you crave the idyllic seclusion of a holiday cottage, but still want to indulge in the majesty of a mansion, a chalet-style home is the answer to your call. Inspired by the artisanal lodges of the Swiss Alps, a chalet embraces a spa-like atmosphere: elegant yet cozy, quietly sophisticated yet standing on the cusp of grand adventures. No matter how near they are to the city, these properties are generally nestled amongst greenery, providing a welcome sanctuary for you and a magnificent getaway for your guests. A chalet is the ultimate in understated luxury—inconspicuous, until it isn’t.


Some people just need to be in the thick of things. They thrive on the conveniences of city living—their favorite fine dining just outside the front door, the newest art and culture attractions right around the corner. The pull of the urban pulse is irresistible. Does this sound like you? Then welcome to luxury condo life. Whether your go-to aesthetic is an edgy loft or a glamorous penthouse, high-end apartment buildings are growing in popularity—not only for their proximity to the center of the action, but because of the bespoke amenities that help take the strain off your constantly-busy schedule.

What’s your favorite outdoor setting?

At a party, where do you prefer to be?

If you could time travel, you’d visit:

Choose an element:

In an art gallery, what captures your attention?

To conclude a day, you prefer:

Which interior design style brings you joy?

Choose a verb for your ideal home:



Located your personalized home? Take another quiz to discover where in the world you might want to live next.

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